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  Guidelines for Authors

Version 1

  1. The Online course can be in a single chapter, or as a module with various chapters.
  2. Each chapter should be of length 10 – 15 pages, excluding references.
  3. The font should be Arial and font size 11, single line spacing. 
  4. While graphics can be used to explain the training material, its use and size should be reasonable.
  5. Authors are to prepare 15 – 20 questions for each chapter.
  6. Each chapter should end with a quiz of 10 MCQ question which are randomly displayed.
  7. The passing marks for each quiz is 80% but the candidate could repeat the quiz any number of times whereby the system will generate different set of questions each time the test is taken. 
  8. The course can be written either by a single author or a group of authors. 
  9. All materials should be original. 
  10. Diagrams if copied from other sources must be acknowledged and if necessary permission to be sought for usage. 
  11. Module submitted to the Malaysian Academy of Pharmacy should preferably not be submitted to other sites 
  12. Authors are encouraged to find sponsors for their course and sponsors are to pay the MAP directly. 
  13. Sponsors for each module shall be at RM5,000/- 
  14. Payment to authors would be at a rate of RM500 per chapter up to a maximum RM1000 per module, regardless of the number of authors involved in the course. 
  15. If more than one authors, payment will be made to the main author and it is up to the group of authors to decide on their individual payment amount. 
  16. Sponsors will be acknowledge for their contribution with the following statement: 
    • The funding for the _____module has been provided by a sponsorship from (Company name + logo). Nevertheless, the material contained in the website has not been verified or reviewed by the sponsor. No content affiliation may be attributed to (company name) and its affiliates. Contents on the modules are produced, owned and copyrighted by the Malaysian Academy of Pharmacy and the Malaysian Pharmaceutical Society. 
  17. Authors will also be acknowledge with their brief CV in front of the module. 
  18. Each module is prefereably to be reviewed by 2 independent reviewers.

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