10 Nov 2016

Acknowledgement of Board Certified Pharmacist

Congratulations to all the pharmacists who are Board Certified Pharmacist under the certification by the Board of Pharmacy Specialities established as an autonomous division under the American Pharmacists Association.  They conduct examination of rigorous standards which the candidates have to sit through
As such the BPS Board Certified Pharmacist is uniquely trained and educated to meet the continually expanding expectations of other healthcare team members and specialized needs of the patients they care for.

Below is the list of the certified candidates

Ambulatory Care
Name City Region Credential Status
Cheng Hoon Yap Bukit Mertajam MALAYSIA 6140292F Active (BCACP)
Lee Ming Woan CYBERJAYA, SELANGOR. Malaysia 6120262 Active (BCACP)
Chen Wei Oh Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 6140075S Active (BCACP)
Joo Lee Quah Sandakan, Sabah Malaysia 6120215 Active (BCACP)
Yen Ping Ng Taiping, Perak Malaysia 6133038 Active (BCACP)
Kin Wei Chua Taiping, Perak. Malaysia 6120235 Active (BCACP)
Oncology Pharmacy
Name City Region Credential Status
Monica Yam Fui Chien Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia 5120175 Active (BCOP)
CHING TIONG KO Kuching MALAYSIA 5150051 Active (BCOP)
Soo Bin Lim Penang Malaysia 5140022S Active (BCOP)
Psychiatric Pharmacy
Name City Region Credential Status
Shamini Rama JELAPANG, IPOH, PERAK Malaysia 4140029F Active (BCPP)
Chin Yee Sim Johor Bahru MALAYSIA 4150037 Active (BCPP)
Sui San Kho Kuching MALAYSIA 4130022 Active (BCPP)
Name City Region Credential Status
Rahela Ambaras Khan Ampang Malaysia 3130073 Active (BCPS)
YenLing Yap Bandar Puncak Alam, Selangor Malaysia 3122109 Active (BCPS)
Pei Ling Chua Batu Pahat Malaysia 3120327 Active (BCPS)
Pou Wee Gan Bdr Sg. Long, Selangor Malaysia 3110504 Active (BCPS)
Kah Shuen Thong Ipoh Malaysia 3121903 Active (BCPS)
Doris George Visuvasam Ipoh, Perak Malaysia 3121981 Active (BCPS)
Wendy Xiao Ling Khong Johor Bahru MALAYSIA 3140721F Active (BCPS)
Soo Lin Lee Johor Bahru MALAYSIA 3140790F Active (BCPS)
Siti Rosnah Suradi Johor Bahru Malaysia 3121849 Active (BCPS)
Chee Chin Tan Johor Bahru Malaysia 3131997 Active (BCPS)
Soo Mun Wai Johore Bahru, Johor Malaysia 3141011F Active (BCPS)
Hoo Yee Yin Kajang MALAYSIA 3120799 Active (BCPS)
Rose Aniza Rusli Klang, Selangor Malaysia 3131738 Active (BCPS)
Jacqueline Mui Lan Lai Kota Kinabalu Malaysia 3123021 Active (BCPS)
Sook Foon Yew Kota Kinabalu Malaysia 3132285 Active (BCPS)
Jerry Ee Siung Liew Kota Kinabalu, Sabah Malaysia 3131146 Active (BCPS)
Siew Kuan Tan Kuala Lumpur Malaysia 3140454S Active (BCPS)
Martina Sieng Ming Hu Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia 3120815 Active (BCPS)
Ming Ying Ku Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia 3121009 Active (BCPS)
Ching Zin Ngua Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia 3131415 Active (BCPS)
Ai Ling Oh Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia 3141090F Active (BCPS)
Hui Sieng Phan Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia 3120825 Active (BCPS)
Wong Yii Ching Kuching, Sarawak Malaysia 3132286 Active (BCPS)
Nur Hazalina Md Salleh Kulai Malaysia 3123025 Active (BCPS)
Khang Wern Tan Kulaijaya Malaysia 3131994 Active (BCPS)
Roslita Alivi Nusajaya, Malaysia Malaysia 3120043 Active (BCPS)
Mohamed Anwar Hammad Ali Penang MALAYSIA 3140028S Active (BCPS)
Su Shan Kong Puchong, Selangor Malaysia 3140739F Active (BCPS)
Azmi Nor Mohd Farez Bin Ahmat PUTRAJAYA MALAYSIA 3140046F Active (BCPS)
Yeo Yee Ling Sandakan Malaysia 3131154 Active (BCPS)
James Yau Hon Voo Sandakan, Sabah MALAYSIA 3152034 Active (BCPS)
Tsyr Fen Teoh Seberang Jaya, Penang Malaysia 3121880 Active (BCPS)
Wing Loong Cheong Selangor Malaysia 3120308 Active (BCPS)
Siti Nadiah Rusli Selangor Malaysia 3121650 Active (BCPS)
Boon Tiang Lau Seremban Malaysia 3130208 Active (BCPS)
Ken Lee Chin Shah Alam Malaysia 3120317 Active (BCPS)
Mooi Heong Tan Singapore MALAYSIA 3100975 Active (BCPS)
Soh Yee Chang Subang Jaya, Selangor Malaysia 3121788 Active (BCPS)
Yong Chia Low Sungai Bakap, Pulau Pinang Malaysia 3122118 Active (BCPS)
Ng Chew Beng Taiping Malaysia 3130169 Active (BCPS)
Yen Ping Ng Taiping, Perak Malaysia 3122114 Active (BCPS)
Chan Yeen Yee Teluk Intan, Perak MALAYSIA 3132282 Active (BCPS)
Critical Care Pharmacy
Name City Region Credential Status
Shiao Hui Lim Georgetown MALAYSIA 7150725 Active (BCCCP)