Guidelines for CPD Online Module (27 January 2018 v4)

  1. Any author(s) who wish to prepare an online module should propose the topic to the Chairperson of the MAP CPD committee who will seek the opinion of MAP Council on the suitability of the topic and also to ensure that such topic has not been or is not being prepared by other author(s).
  2. There shall be an agreed time frame for the completion of the module, usually within 6 months.
  3. At least one independent reviewer will be sourced at the start of the preparation of the module and confirmed before the completion of the module.
  4. The review is to be completed within a month.
  5. The Online module can be in a single chapter, or as a module with multiple chapters.
  6. Each chapter should be of length 10 – 15 pages, excluding references.
  7. The font should be Arial and font size 11, single line spacing.
  8. The recommended format for naming chapters of a module is Chapter 1: Title, then subheadings as 1.1, 1.1.2 etc.
  9. A module with multiple chapters also need a main title and a summary to link the chapters together as a module.
  10. While graphics can be used to explain the training material, its use and size should be reasonable.
  11. Authors are to prepare 15 – 20 MCQ questions at the end of each chapter.
  12. Participants have to answered a quiz of 10 MCQ questions for each chapter, which will be selected randomly from the 20 MCQs.
  13. The passing marks for each quiz is set at 80% and the quiz may be repeated any number of times whereby the system will generate different combination of questions each time.
  14. All materials should be original and it is the author(s) responsibility to ensure that all materials used have been duly cited or permission for use has been granted by the owner(s).
  15. Module submitted to the Malaysian Academy of Pharmacy should not be submitted to or published in other forms or sites without the permission of MAP.
  16. Authors are encouraged to find sponsors for their modules and sponsors should pay to MAP directly.
  17. The amount of sponsorship can range between RM8,000 and RM10,000.
  18. A module can be written either by a single author or a group of authors.
  19. Payment to authors will be at a rate of RM500 per chapter up to a maximum of RM1000 per module, regardless of the number of authors involved.
  20. If the module is by a group of authors, payment will be made to the main author and the group shall decide among themselves their individual amount.
  21. The author(s) should submit the completed module to MAP or MPS who will then forward it to the Chairperson of the MAP CPD committee to be given to a reviewer.
  22. Payment to reviewers will be at a rate of RM300 regardless of the number of chapters or the number of reviewers involved.
  23. If the module is reviewed by a group of reviewers, payment will be made to the main reviewer and the group shall decide among themselves their individual amount.
  24. All the authors will be acknowledged on the first page of the module, together with all the reviewers.
  25. Sponsors will be acknowledged for their contribution with the following statement:
    The funding for the _____ module has been provided by a sponsorship from (Company name + logo). Contents in the modules are produced, owned and copyrighted by the Malaysian Academy of Pharmacy and the Malaysian Pharmacists Society.
  26. The reviewer has to sign a declaration of "Conflict of Interest".
  27. If the author(s) appoints a reviewer, the latter will not be paid as this is considered as a personal or private arrangement. However, the reviewer can be acknowledged but MAP will still appoint an independent reviewer.
  28. When a module needs to be updated, the sponsorship amount will be RM5,000. The author(s) will be paid RM300 (if only one chapter) and RM500 for a longer module with multiple chapters. The appointed reviewer will be paid RM200 in both cases and the review should be completed within a month.